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During a workout the body’s capillary network is wide open. Blood flow is diverted away from organs like the stomach and towards the muscles. Putting complex solid food into the stomach to be broken down during a workout is very counter productive as the blood and energy is needed elsewhere. It could very likely end up being rejected by the body and brought back up.

Intra workout fuel needs to be incredibly simple.

Here are the main ones,

Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s)

BCAA’s are molecules that combine to form protein, they are the blocks protein is built from. There benefits are greater muscle mass, improved recovery and increased immunity. They are made from 3 essential amino acids Leucine (mentioned in muscle building section), Isoleucine and Valine that have been scientifically combined to aid athletes. Amino acids can be taken before and after training as well as during if in powder form. Amino acids into the body quickly which work with the fully digestive protein taken after training to increase repair and recovery and boost protein synthesis.


Covert very quickly into energy to fuel the workout.


These are salts and minerals such as potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and chloride. These minerals are present in your blood and balance water in and out of muscle cells so your muscles and organs do their job properly. When you lose fluid threw sweat you also lose electrolytes. Supplementing with electrolytes means that the body runs efficiently and 24

under less stress. Many sports drinks contain a balance of electrolytes but powders are available to add to your fluids around training. If you are training in heat it is important to consume electrolytes, taking part in an event or session being exposed to heat and sun can result not only in poor performance if not properly hydrated and balanced, but also heat stroke which can be very dangerous. Electrolytes are a cheap supplement and can be used often making the body’s job of regulation much easier.

Life made easy - There are some excellent products on the market which contain all three of these ingredients plus a few extras, they come in powder form and are mixed with another incredibly important component of intra workout nutrition … Water of which you should consume at least 500 ml for every hour of exercise or strenuous activity (more info in the hydration section)!

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