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You don’t want to be going crazy with the volume of food pre workout because you don’t want the body to be busy breaking down the food you have eaten when your training session starts.

Carbs are good to have 15 minutes prior to training, as this will enhance performance and increase energy. Supplements containing highly branched cyclic dextrin are best as they limit insulin spiking and will fuel an entire workout.

Good fats are an efficient source of energy they are high in calories and encourage the body to burn fat, whilst only needing a small amount so the stomach isn’t bloated.

Protein is important prior to training. The reason being, is the body wants to use muscle as fuel, and proteins job in the body is to build and repair tissue. Consuming protein pre-workout gives us a head start in maintaining muscle tissue. Large amounts are not needed as this is hard for the body to breakdown in time for training. Amino acid supplements are excellent at helping this process as they feed tissue and require next to no digestion.

Caffeine can also be a helpful tool pre-workout, it mobilises fat cells into the bloodstream as well as boosting metabolism.

Pre-work out drinks/supplements

Pre- workout drinks have become very popular, they contain ingredients which will stimulate the body and mind to increase focus and intensity in your workout, this can lead to improved performance and greater results . Like fat burners some of the level of the ingredients that they contain can be questionable leaving you feeling very heightened, and although they usually do what it they claim, it can come at a cost. Be sure to check the supplement first for anything you are not very tolerant too. If a product does not clearly state what is in it, do not use it. Start with a small serving as directed and see how you get on, the mental effects of these supplements can last for a few hours and be unpleasant so be aware.

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