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Getting nutrition surrounding workout time correct is paramount. Hard training like the sessions in this program is incredibly stressful, strenuous and damaging (short term) to your body. All these situations have positives and negatives.

Going back to the muscle building section, it states how muscle tissue develops. Stay aware of this at all times during training and when preparing to go and workout. Just to recap, as the filaments within the fibres are damaged under stress of your work load, this stimulates a chemical response which increases the body’s ability to synthesis protein.

Key point - After a workout your body is in the best state to absorb protein to aid recovery and repair.

Waste product is produced during this process as the body has had to work hard to create energy from several sources. This causes physical distress which will last for hours.

Key point - When the body is in distress, it will revert to survival mode and make recovering a priority. But remember if you do not supply your body with the resources to do so it WILL take them by breaking down muscle tissue to use as fuel.

Internal Inflammation occurs during training which is due to stress being applied on all relevant systems this can also be prolonged dependant upon how much stress you have stimulated (remembering much stress is needed to activate mTOR and stimulate protein synthesis)

A certain amount of inflammation is necessary to help us gain positive results. Inflammation shows the defence system is working correctly, protecting and actively combating damage as and after it happens.

Key point - If the body is busy combatting inflammation it wont be as efficient at synthesising protein and will prolong the recovery process.

So, heres what we need to do about it,

1 - Be efficiently fuelled before training

2 - Combat becoming catabolic during the session

3 - Replenish stores to maximise recovery immediately after training

4 - Further fuel the recovery process

5 - Aid anti inflammation

Heres how we do it.

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