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This is relevant to all parties despite physique goal. As mentioned in the fat loss section and nutrition tracking video, if you are able to keep track of your calories and macros derived from the calculator you can manipulate days of the week to accommodate a cheat meal. If you can manage to manipulate this and still be on target well done.

However, I wish I could say its as easy as that.

For a novice, to be honest, it is enough to see some solid results, but this will plateau and does not ensure top performance and great health. This product promises a path way to develop you as an athlete to top standards not just a glorified fat loss package. Of course most people buying this will be hell bent on getting the best physique they can achieve and too right!

“F*@k health, I just want to look great and be a beast!!”

But you haven’t factored in some important points.

Great health enables us to train with less risk of injury and illness, feel energised, look better (think hair, skin, nails, skin tone and elasticity) and will allow us to make more gains in the long run as it gives us our durability and robustness. So looking after health is a huge priority because THEE most important thing in training is consistency. Great Health, both physical and mental ensures we stay on target for our goals.

So your job, in your quest to reach the next level, is to attack all aspects of health and nutrition at once. This creates a breeding ground to achieve a great physique and maximum performance during training.

This is how we do it.

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