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Ok, so meet this guys who lives in your body

MTOR – This dude is the builder and is the best and most important guy to synthesise protein. When he is on the scene during training believe me you are winning. Unfortunately, he struggles for inspiration. We must inspire mtor to get him to perform his magic.

Ways to inspire mtor;

  • Intense resistance training. mtor will not activate unless tissue is brutally tested (think last few reps or power work)
  • Make sure he has plenty of material to build with (amino acids from protein)
  • Supply him with leucine, its his FAVOURITE he will work even harder

Things to take into account with mtor

  • You don’t want him under stress incredibly frequently as his work leaves a mess that your body has to tidy up afterwards. Tidying up will cause internal inflammation. If the body is dealing at trying to combat inflammation it will not be as productive repairing its tissue. Although this can be assisted by the correct nutritional aids which can assist this, meaning we can call on mtor to do his work a bit more frequently resulting in quality growth.

In a nut shell

A quick summary of muscle building so far…

  1. Consume more calories than your TDEE – Anabolic state
  2. Hit your macro ratio – This is a big factor of body composition and performance output
  3. Get your nutrition around workout time on point every time – Minimises catabolism and aids recovery and muscle building process
  4. Train with intent on every rep/set. Quality beats quantity EVERY time – Quality dictates intensity
  5. Keep internal inflammation at bay – Better health more opportunity for growth
  6. Use diverse exercises and training techniques – This creates better neuro pathways and improves overall performance and development.
  7. Get sufficient QUALITY sleep – most growth occurs when you sleep, more rest equates to a stronger recovery.
  8. Keep stress as low as possible – keeps the survival system at bay.

Knowledge is fantastic, but it needs to be applied. Many people know the information needed for muscle building all the way down to the molecular structure. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are in great shape, super athletic or perform at a high level. Yes, the information that has been broken down and delivered to you here is invaluable, no question. Understanding what your body requires, when it needs it and why, really put you in the driving seat. The next job is to inform you of the best and most effective ways to deliver those things to optimise the process.

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