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So now our defence against muscle loss is bulletproof, we need to create an optimum breeding ground for gains.

With the above information in mind it is not difficult to predict how we are going to do this, as reversing catabolism creates anabolism. But the understanding of certain aspects is very valuable and emphasises why we need to implement them.

So being in a calorie surplus creates an anabolic environment as discussed, so when building muscle is the target try not to miss a meal. You want to fill your body with a constant supply of nutrients and amino acids to make recovery and growth as easy as possible.

Eating at regular and consistent times helps maintain a positive nitrogen balance within the body. This is important because nitrogen optimises insulin drive.

Insulin directly drives amino acids into to muscles tissue (A process called protein synthesis)

Protein synthesis is where the magic happens and growth and repair occur.

How to optimise protein synthesis

  • I am going to sum this up with an analogy, so bare with me and take in as much as possible. A good understanding of this point will really optimise results. These are the finer things that make the elite standout.
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