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Firstly, I need you up to scratch on an educational level. I know, we all want to get stuck in, but in buying this product you have made a commitment to bypass the masses, and to do so you must be smarter than them. There are thousands of hours of reading that could be done online surrounding all the different aspects of fitness, nutrition, sport science and athletic development and I am a big fan of the quote “knowledge is power,” but if you had the time and skill to sit and filter through it all, try and test the best parts and experiment different methods on yourself and others for several years, you probably would be producing your own product. So that is why I have done it for you.

Rush in to the program without educating yourself on the theory, and you will lose most of the effectiveness of this product.


Follow the plan to the letter and you will become a different creature in just 12 weeks.

Step 1

Take time to read all the information given. The content is all here for you to achieve the next level, but it is not a good idea to try each thing out as you go along. Of course you should be “referring to the manual” as you go progress, but the better your knowledge foundation the stronger you can implement each and every method, please don’t sell yourself short. Even for experienced athletes there is a lot of content explained here which once understood and applied will change your game. So, please get to grip with the knowledge and understand the methods.

Step 2

Follow the instructions set out by the nutrition calculator and get to grips with using the nutrition tracking app, use the tutorial as an aid. It is important that you clearly have your physique goal in mind and you are not going to alter it during the 12 week cycle. It is perfectly acceptable to alter it in between cycles. For example, if your target was to mainly lose stored body fat whilst keeping/increasing muscle density and athleticism in the first cycle and you achieve this, for the second cycle you may want to reprogram your nutrition to focus on primarily on muscle building whilst staying lean.

The main thing is you have a clear aim for each 12 week cycle and stick to it.

Step 3

Get to grips and implement the habits and routine structure, make them part of daily life just like you are with tracking your food. As an overview it seems like a lot of work but it really isn’t, these routines and habits breed consistent progress, after 2 weeks you will be very used to it and feel solid with it. After 12 weeks it will be the norm and you will be looking and feeling like a very new version of yourself, it will really show physically and reflect in performance.

Step 4

Familiarise yourself with the online training diary, body composition and sleep tracking sheets. Implement them in the next step.

Step 5

In the first two weeks of building your habits, getting adequate sleep and following your set nutrition targets, start implementing the training exercises and methods in to your current gym sessions.


We want to establish a breeding ground for success. So spend these 2 weeks trialling different things that you are unfamiliar with and pay close attention to the tutorials of exercises EVEN IF YOU ALREADY KNOW THEM. The videos are more than a demonstration they give vital coaching points which may well have been missed in the past to optimise every repetition. The amount of control, focus and intent on every exercise will dictate how much development you will get.

Step 6

Get out your program, get your game face on and lets F@*k shit up! Coz your ready to become a beast!

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