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Firstly…. Congratulations, you have just invested into the next level of athleticism.

This product has been designed to be as efficient and effective as possible to progress you in very sense of the word.

Whether you’re fairly new to training, a regular gym goer or are already a competitor, the 12 week athlete will catapult your progress, ability and knowledge to make you the full athletic package.

Welcome to the 12 week athlete!

A great physique is well respected and rightly so, it can’t be bought. It can’t be stolen. It can only be earned, through commitment, dedication and sacrifice. We all strive to look and feel better, it’s the main reason most people train. When we look and feel better we ooze confidence, enjoy experiences and have self satisfaction, this aids us in all aspects of life. This is a fact!

So far, all great reasons for most people to become a gym goer and join the “fit Fam,”

Anyone who has bought this product is NOT most people! It is important to understand this. No, I’m not just blowing smoke up your arse!

You are not most people because you have invested in bettering your self, your knowledge base and expanding your potential to get HUGE results.

As we’ve covered the obvious, given the chance we all want to look the best we can. But that’s not enough because eventually results will plateau and we hit what we consider to be limitations this often goes unnoticed for years. I know this as I was once in that exact situation.

After a quest of learning, practising, living and breathing many aspects of athleticism and fitness I have created methods to push progression to new heights and get results in the shortest time possible. These methods are based on all the knowledge and strategy’s I have used personally, collected and implemented over many years of training and coaching.

  • There’s no point in looking like a Lamborghini and performing like a Toyota.

The above statement packs a punch and immediately sparks off some internal conflict in gym goers.

“Dude, I can perform, seriously, I lift heavy and go HARD!!”

And I’m sure you do, but is your technique correct? Are you perfectly applying force in the best way to aid many other movements at the same time? Is your strength truly functional -does it translate into practical everyday situations? ARE YOU MAXIMISING YOUR FULL ATHLETIC POTETIAL?

If you answered yes to all of these questions I’m sorry but your ego is in the way, and this will hinder your progress. Please get out of the habit of ignorance. The top athletes on the planet all have coaching teams that are scrutinising form and technical issues in the gym, during performance and on the worlds biggest stages in to order to optimise output and break world records. Please don’t tell yourself that you couldn’t improve. If you’re that good already your potential in this program will be outstanding so let’s unlock it.

A program that fits a gym newbie and athletes that are already competing??? –  I’m sceptical!!!!

Good, so you should be.

Here’s the overview of how its going to work and more importantly why it will work.

Why it will work

First and foremost because the online layout ensures accountability in a unique way, unlike other products and plans. Most people if training correctly and consistently on a good plan will achieve good results if they apply themselves hard enough. With the 12 week athlete you not only get a fantastic plan designed to boost athletic performance, ramp up metabolism, become faster and shaper, fine tune your motor skills and develop serious strength and improved muscle density. The intelligent design of the product releases more information as you progress and record your results at the next mile stone. This ensures that you progress correctly and secure a solid foundation to build upon ensuring success. Check point have been put in place with automatic feed back so you can actually see the proof of your results. Many times people “feel” fitter and leaner, but a feeling isn’t a fact. The 12 week athlete ensures results. When your information is recorded, the program will feed back your progress, this is important as when you can actually see something working and your motivation to attack your goals and push harder increases. It creates that competitive edge that is needed to achieve the next level and start getting noticed. You have signed up to gain real results, not “feel” like its working. IT WORKS and your recorded results will show this.

Another reason it will work is because you have all the information you need to make it work and the methods of how to implement them condensed down into the simplest form for success. In the program you may well encounter several exercises that you have done or do regularly but the new information about the movement and gaining an insight to the athlete mind set when training will open a lot more doors for you. You will be able to bypass external factors that are holding you back.

“which external factors,”

The others around you mixed with your training environment and mind set have a colossal impact on development. There are issues everywhere we go to train and we must become aware of them in order to maximise results.

Let’s have a look at some of the common issues out there and be truthful when you question your surroundings at present.

Let’s start with the guys who attend the mainstream “commercial” gyms. In this incredibly diverse environment there are a huge variety of physique and performance goals mixed with a range of people all different ages and abilities. Personal trainers in this setting are usually very costly due to high rent being charged and can be incredibly one dimensional, by this I mean that they are good at one particular thing and will teach that. Gym instructors are few and far between, and if they are seen, it is usually washing windows or clearing away after people who lack the respect to do it themselves. For these reason’s common sense prevails and attendees do one of three things, they copy what everyone else is doing (mostly on machines where technical movement is not an issue), they try and load weights either as heavy as possible or not too heavy because “I’m a girl and don’t want to be massive and muscly or they attend a class, many of which rate its success on how hot and sweaty you got.

Next you’ve got the strength gyms. Some serious lifting tends to go down here. Unfortunately, some seriously long rest in between working sets seems to occur incase it is related to cardio or any form of conditioning which is practically a sin here. Also a care for over all health and efficiency can be deemed as joke worthy.

“As long as your numbers go up that’s all that counts bro! “

Well, not if the lifts are not performed correctly, or the risk of injury out weighs everything else.

The crossfit box, home to a sky high work ethic with many individuals swinging from bars and upside down against walls hitting handstand press ups getting super sweaty as they grind away, I cringe at some of the movements performed in these places, not due to the sport but due to the lack of coaching and high class numbers. Everything you do is perfecting the way you do it. If you practise the wrong form or different form all of the time, it is effort wasted.

I do apologise if I have come across with a negative attitude. It is not intended for me to seem cynical of something that you as well as myself are passionate about, but if we don’t face facts and assess weakness within ourselves and training environment we are not being productive in achieving our goals.

There is no correct or incorrect gym you must go to in order to fulfil your full potential throughout this program. It is necessary to be very aware of the distractions and poisonous attitudes in your training environment that will hinder progress.

Here’s a couple of pointers worth noting.

  • At one time there will be very few competitive athletes training in the gym. So the guy or girl you initially copied and took advice from probably wasn’t the best source of knowledge.
  • How hot and sweaty a session makes you, has very little impact on how productive you have been during it. By productive I am referring to developing and progressing your body’s potential to look and perform in the optimum way and maximise results long term. Training sessions are an investment, you will be shown here how to invest wisely.
  • Almost no nutritional information is found to assist people reach their goals and targets across most training environments. Being fuelled properly and efficiently to achieve a target is a MASSIVE part of it. You will be given not only an individualised plan here but the knowledge to use as you progress through the stages of your athletic journey.
  • Heavy lifting makes you big! This is true in the right program with a nutrition program geared for mass building. BUT heavy lifting causes an internal chemical response that sky rockets the loss of stored body fat. There are countless top female athletes with petite but phenomenal figures that have the ability to move SERIOUS weight and create a huge power output. HEAVY LIFTING IS A TOOL just like many other training methods and can be used in different ways to achieve
  • Ego will decrease long term achievement. If your having a good session and feel great and getting a lot of positive out put performing exercises, sure, you can try for a higher target than is set out in your program, its encouraged. Putting more weight on and sacrificing form and session purpose in order to look bigger, tougher or whatever to the person training next to you is your ego getting involved. To be come an athlete takes discipline and strength of mind, caring what some stranger thinks of you over your long term developmental goal is weak and must be fought against in order to be successful.

On the back of this, please do not let your ego interfere with technical development. Many of the coaching points explained in the product and in these videos have been taught to me personally by some of the top coaches and athletes in their field world wide. The time I have spent with these people is invaluable and WILL boost strength and performance in the specified target area immensely. Just by incorporating a couple of tiny aspects, focusing or emphasising a particular movement or tweaking an angle you could gain serious ground in record time!! It took years of experience and research and travel to gain these technical points from key persons of influence in the industry and cost thousands! Be wise and cash in big time by getting them all here.

SO PLEASE MAKE THE MOST OUT OF THIS PRODUCT BY READING ALL MATERIAL AND WATCHING THE TUTORIALS. Use the material given to reflect on throughout the program, or try and get in the habit of watching tutorials the night before so you are familiar with them.

How it will work

A lot of the negative bullshit has been covered and everyone is now aware that very few training facilities are breeding grounds for athletes to develop, and if given the chance to train at one which is, I recommend you jump at that chance. But if you have no access to such a place, its not a problem. We use what we have in the local area to get to the next level, the program will also allow for alternative equipment incase it is not available to you where you train. The recommendation for this program would be gain access to a facility which has a good range of strength and conditioning equipment such as sleds, prowlers, tyres, farmers walk handles, sledge hammers.

You will learn to be efficient, this is vital. Training efficiently will achieve several goals at once, so many movements are multi functional, meaning that they will improve athletic output and development in more than one area at a time. This means that maximum results will be achieved across the board. Some exercises require more motor skill development which will improve balance, co-ordination and make the body more proficient at performing general skilled task.

You will learn how to be productive outside the gym and incorporate habits and routines into daily life so that once consistent, progress happens naturally. Your body will be rehabilitated to perform new and better motor path ways creating positive safe movement which should last a life time, and in the program and information you have access to psychological techniques which top athletes use to separate them selves from the pack.

As the product suggests the program is a 12 week cycle. There are 3 different programs which are implemented throughout the course of 1 year. At the end of each 12 weeks you will have successfully achieved the next level of athleticism, and there will be a HUGE difference in performance and physique at each stage. You will notice you not only look and feel better but confidence will grow, people who have a high athletic base walk tall. Period. This is because you know that when challenged with difficultly, you will perform better than most people in a huge variety of situations. You will have new levels of strength, speed, power output, conditioning and skill.

Believe me it will not go unnoticed.

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