Classes at Grind Hard Fitness are far from your average ‘dance around in the park’ boot camp! They are low in numbers to ensure quality instruction and top performance. Classes are intense and specific to the purpose of the class. Top tuition is a priority and each class has structure. There are many different classes to suit all needs whether your trying to enhance your fight training, burn stored body fat, increase strength, power, endurance or increase muscle mass there is a class for you. All classes will sky rocket your fitness and improve your body image and how you want to do that is up to you, your results come first, not our convenience, like many other boot camps! 

Also, if you have a child or young person with energy to expend, why not check out our selection of kids classes. Children are the athletes of the future, and Grind Hard Fitness is always looking to develop the youth of the North East and has a strong passion to channel fresh energy and emotions into success. Again these are not just a kids boot camp, but so much more than that.


A fighters attitude is a must for this session, and it will instil the relentless mentality of a top competitor.

This is a tough class set out to develop strength, power output, and build a a gas tank that is second to non. The training method used in this class, is bursts of hard heavy work that is physically and mentally challenging. Your nervous system is put under stress and replicates a similar internal chemical response to an emergency situation like being attacked. The body will respond by prioritising creating energy and muscular output above all else.

The result of conditioning the nervous system in such away is the ability to go harder, faster and stronger for longer. Meaning that the oxygen debt the body will be left in after the session will cause the metabolism to spike and create an environment for maximum fat loss for HOURS after the session. This means that although you may burn 650 calories in a actual session itself, you will be left torching stored body fat for the rest of the day. So the actual amount of energy being burned as a result of the session is well clear of 1000 calories.

Full tilt fight conditioning will make you stronger, faster more explosive and create a relentless mentality that only a small percentage can obtain.

Want progress lightening fast?

Got an event or competition coming up?

Think you’ve got what it takes to be an athlete?


Doing hours and hours of cardio to burn fat in the gym or on the road? Week after week of mediocre boot camp?

I hate to tell you but you are using training methods that are seriously out dated and here’s why. Lean muscle tissue uses fat as fuel. Your body will not only use fat as fuel during long cardio sessions but also your muscle tissue. There are several nutritional strategies to combat this surrounding workout time but it is still incredibly difficult to prevent. Also why dedicate hours of your time to a cause when less than 1 hours training in an efficient session can do a much better job of destroying stored body fat. Introducing…… Power Shred!!!

Power Shred is a class designed to not only keep but increase the body’s lean tissue whilst torching stored body fat. The session will leave your body in a fat burning state for hours after the class has finished meaning 4 hours later you will still be burning much more calories at rest than usual. The session creates a huge metabolic boost meaning your body will become better at using fuel for energy making it want to more burn fat all the time.

The class is fairly demanding but training hard and smart gets incredible results that can not be disputed!! Come along and see the real difference between us and your average boot camp.

Want to lean out, look toned and build serious conditioning and recovery levels???

This is the class for you.




This class is not running now until 2017. Please contact us for next availability.


This class is not running now until 2017. Please contact us for next availability.


This class is not running now until 2017. Please contact us for next availability.



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