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Supplement recommendation by Grind hard fitness

Recently I've had a lot of people asking what supplements I personally use, what products i recommend to my clients and what makes me choose them over other products on the market. Firstly id like to point out the whole purpose of a supplement, is to supplement a good...

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Avoid saggy skin from weight loss

Can you avoid or counter act the saggy skin dilemma from weight loss? This is a question i am asked to often. My answer - Yes! Please read on. Ok, lets get to grips with whats going on here. Anyone who follows my post should already know the difference between weight...

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Be your own physio with these cost effective pieces of kit

Injuries are the bane of many athletes lives. Most people who go to the gym or take part in sport have been injured doing so at some point in their life. There are countless reasons for an injury. The cost to fix/recover physically, mentally and financially from and...

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Gain up to 10% performance by being properly hydrated!

Hydration is an important part of health and athletic performance. How hydrated you are, also has an impact on your metabolism. For top results, check out this quick advise. The daily recommended guideline is that a human body should consume 2 litres of water per day....

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Beware 5 Junk Foods that are heavily disguised

Don’t become victim to manipulated Marketing! Check out these cheeky junk foods and why they’re not what they seem.   These 5 Foods are causing many of my clients issues, I would like to share them and explain why, because the companies selling them...

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Have you checked your protein shake

When buying a protein supplement you should ALWAYS fully check the label! As mentioned in my nutrition programme book, all supplements are not created equally. Speaking to many clients and gym goers and I receive the same information. A lot of the time people go for...

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5 Top Tricks to Burn Body Fat at Home

If you're like me, you've not got much spare time. So just a quick one guys, let me show you how to burn body fat at home. No bull, just FACTS. Enjoy!   1 – Eat more protein The body must work 20% harder to digest protein than other forms of fuel, therefore the...

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Eat More Food and Lose More Fat

Eat more food and lose more fat or to be more accurate, EAT MORE PROTEIN, LOSE MORE FAT. SIMPLE!!!! Ok dudes, here’s the low down. So most people know that guys and girls that train in the gym drink protein shakes and eat protein to “build bigger muscles,” yeah…...

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Little One Got Too Much Energy? I’ve Got the Solution

Mini Monsters - kid’s fitness and development Listen up ALL parents! Little One Got Too Much Energy and nothing productive to do with it? Does your little monster run rings around you? Do you struggle to find an outlet that will allow them to develop physically,...

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